Friday, 19 June 2009

Main Roads complaint form

The Main Roads Department has a very good on-line form for letting them know where problems lie on their road system.

Of course, not everyone knows which road 'belongs' to MRD, which one is a TRC road and which ones are 'owned' by the Commonwealth Government.

Never mind, keep using the Qld Transport Hazard forms and now there is this new (new to TBUG) form.

However, to keep MRDs life simple, try to remember that MRD are responsible for the main road along Ruthven Street (excludes the inner city section which TRC 'owns'), and 'up the range' to Margaret Street, out along Bridge towards Oakey, but not all of Bridge Street.

James Street is 'owned' by The Feds and maintained by others.

Maybe it is possible to build a database that utilised Google maps and sent a complaint to the correct agency?

Although, a simple map would suffice with non TRC roads marked.

See the complaint form here:

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