Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Road Signage Directs Motorists To 'Move Over' For Cyclists

Ah, the nation of the free!

Where else could a lone cyclist get a clutch of public servants to listen to their reasonable concerns?

Not in Queensland, that's for sure, and certainly not in Toowoomba.

All we cyclists ask for is 'a fair suck of the sauce bottle' and less of the 'zip, nothing' attitude (borrowing from our Prime Minister, of course).

How's this for a story of grit and determination?

A single bike activist, tired of being honked at by motorists as they passed her in a narrow lane, lobbied her small city for a sign directing motorists to "change lanes to pass", and got it. Motorists have since ceased honking and changed lanes.

"Margaret Pye remembers the honking, shouting and tailgating she endured while commuting home. The bicyclist grew tiresome of the treatment she received from drivers in San Carlos, and fought for equal access to the roads by lobbying city leaders for a unique kind of sign. Instead of 'share the road' signs, which Pye said are ineffective, the city recently installed “change lanes to pass” signs.

Once the sign went up this summer, the honking quickly stopped, she said.

'I believe the motorists understand and do what they’re supposed to do,' Pye said. 'I think it’s been a significant difference.'

Additional improvements are on the way, including narrowing road lanes to install bike lanes."

Read more of this story, and see Margaret's new sign, at the link below while you reflect on the possibilities of TRC "narrowing road lanes to install bike lanes"... Heavens above... and infringe of the right of motorists to drive at full tilt, like Mr. Toad?

See here for more:

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