Friday, 19 June 2009

UK web 'Velorution'

This is a great web page from the UK, with access to all sorts of non-standard bikes that people ride in Europe.

Here is an introduction to a blog section from a purist old-style bike rider:

In the 70’s Gustav Thoeni and Piero Gros were the kings of the slopes: nobody could attack the slalom gates tighter and faster: they dominated skiing for six years.

Then came a young Swede from Lapland who did things differently; rather than trying to cut the sharpest corner at each gate, hitting the blue and red post with his shoulders, Stenmark focused on keeping his slalom has smooth as possible: no hard edges but an elegant flow.

It was all over for the Italians.

In the morning rush hour, people on racers and fixie, their head down, are keen to show the lightness of their machine and toughness of their calves; they distance me on some straight stretches, but when we approach a junction, I, sitting comfortably on a Retrovelo or an Azor, with a clear outlook on the movement of all other vehicles, find the perfect line and effortlessy leave them behind.

It happens every morning.

Read more and view the links to great bikes here:

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