Friday, 19 June 2009

Toowoomba Regional Cycleways Project

Here is where TRC and T&MR, the 'new' amalgamated super roads-ministry, is spending our tax dollars and rate dollars.

This project is filling in the gaps in the footpath supply around and about Toowoomba.

The footpaths are for shared use of pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclist are required to 'give way' to pedestrians on these paths, a reasonable enough requirement, but this makes travel on a narrow footpath, with constant road crossings to be negotiated with motor vehicles, a very slow form of bike travel.

The shared paths do offer a chance for parents to encourage their school age children to start riding to school more.

TBUG has asked TRC officers if the council informs householders where a new shared path goes in, what it is 'all about'.

By that we mean, does TRC explain before the work starts that it is going to happen, with a letter drop in the area?

Does the letter inform householders that they are not to park their cars on the new path?

Does TRC police the new paths after they are built to see if cars park on them or not?

So far, and TBUG has not made a formal enquiry as yet, the answer seems to be 'no' to all of the above.

As for policing the footpaths, we have been advised by TRC that this is the job of the Toowoomba Police, not TRC parking attendants.

So, if you see a car parked on a footpath, ring Sgt. Col O'Shea and the Transport section of the Toowoomba Police and ask them to issue a ticket: 4631 6343

TBUG has previously informed TRC that while shared footpaths are clearly one aspect of increasing access to cycling for a group of current and potential cyclists, such a school students and inexperienced riders, the shared paths do need to be at least 3 to 4 metres wide, not 2 metres, or 1.8 metres, or even 2.5 metres and there needs to be a balance between on-road and off-road cycleways.

Read more about where these paths are going in, and their costs to see where your tax/rates dollars are going to increase cycling in Toowoomba region:

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