Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cycle Qld- the Toowoomba to Toowoomba event

Bicycle Queensland has been running these 'Cycle Queenland' events for some years now.

Gundi to Gold Coast... Miles to Mooloolabar... Bundaberg to Brisbane.

Our turn has come at last.

Toowoomba to Timbuktu? No, not quite. Toowoomba to .... um.... Toowoomba in fact.

Yes, it's a town worth two visits in one as far as BQ are concerned, and why not?

We can show our visitors the BAZ signs on Ruthven Street... the Clifford Gardens roundabout... the bike lanes on Ruthven between Bridge and Chalk Drive, another disaster waiting to happen.

But seriously, this is a really big opportunity for cycling in Toowoomba, but we are not too sure that the TRC understands it's even happening, and given their view of cycling so far, it's not too sure-fire that they'd understand the point of it all either.

Take a look at this BQ web page about Cycle Qld 2009:

Trip through the pages and if this looks like you, consider going to this night of information:

If you are thinking about coming on Cycle Queensland 2009 but have a few questions you would like answered before you sign up ... we are holding two more Info Nights in June.

At the Info Night we'll show a short presentation about Cycle Queensland and there'll be heaps of time to ask all your questions!

Riders and volunteers who have already signed up for Cycle Queensland are also welcome to come along.

The last two Info Nights for Cycle Queensland 2009 will be held in Toowoomba on Tuesday 23 June and Brisbane (West End) on Thursday 25 June.

RSVP to (cutnpaste into your browser)

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