Saturday, 13 June 2009

Active Transport here?

Time to read a few articles about 'active transport'.

This is a special phrase used by governments and councils that are serious about cyclists and pedestrians, and about skateboarders for that matter.

Anything that gets people 'active' is involved in 'active transport'.

TBUG has been promoting the creation of a Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) to our council for some time.

And we were successful too. The previous council supported our concept 100%.

But then the elections and the amalgamations changed things completely.

Just recently though, after months of waiting, TBUG met with the Mayor and he has agreed to form a group, not called a BAC, but an Active Transport Reference Group.

Good news, we hope.

Below are some web pages that can tell you more about 'active transport'.

A good council to look to for some direction is Noosa. Brisbane knows what it is doing, and why, too.

Have a look at these:

Active transport BCC:

Active tpt PhD:




Travel Smart Qld:

Noosa is a Travel Smart city:

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