Sunday, 14 June 2009

Is this a bad joke... or a bike lane?

The top picture shows a car, angle parked, on the south side of Ruthven Street, just above the Chalk Drive section of MRD highway.

This car is parked legally in an angle park that allows a bare 0.660 mts on the road surface between the inside of the white bike lane line and the edge of the anglepark lines. With the car in place there is even less room for a bike to pass down a designated bike lane.

Is this what MRD policy says we should be getting as bike lanes on one of their roads?

NO.... it is not. But 'second best' is what we are being given here in the local area when it comes to 'following policy'.

The second picture shows a highway sign jutting out into what looks like a bike lane. The 'official' bike lane ended just a few metres back from the road sign, according to a footpath lurking 'end of bike lane' sign, but the white line continues unbroken, as if the bike lane continues. Meanwhile, a BAZ sign pops up on the highway, confusing both drivers and cyclists alike.

Is this an example of 'best practice'? Apparently so.

The third picture, the white logo indicating a 'bike lane' exists, shows how the main road road surface has been laid on top of a pre-existing bitumen surface.

This overlay has created a very dangerous ridge.

The width of this 'bikelane' is a mere 1.030 mts. Wider than much of the rest of the 'bike lane' but hardly meeting any MRD standard that TBUG has been able to find so far.

This section of so-called 'bike lane' is a danger to cyclists. It is unsafe to ride on, it does not meet any standard, it is a 'bad joke' and whoever is responsible for it should hang their head in shame.

TBUG is following this up with TRC and MRD.

TBUG believes this section of roadway is part of the MRD 'owned' highway.

We'll see if MRD try to pass the responsibility to TRC once the DG has asked a few questions of the local office.

In the meantime, take extreme care on this section of poorly conceived bikelane.

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