Saturday, 13 June 2009

Winter time light-up

Now Winter is upon us it is probably past time to make sure you have a good set of lights, front and rear, on your bike.

Without getting a really expensive set of rechargeable lights, there are more than a few perfectly reasonable battery sets on sale these days.

Bicycle Queensland members can buy front and rear lights at a reduced price from the BQ offices in Brisbane:

Failing that, have a look at the Bike Victoria web site report on bike lights and make your way down to one of the local shops.

Bike Victoria:

See also what Choice magazine for consumers has to say below:

What to look for

* Most bike lights use LEDs rather than globes. Lights with multiple LEDS are usually brightest, but a single LED can still be very bright if the light has a good reflector.
* Ask the bike shop if you can test the lights before buying. Try the different flash rates – if the flash is too slow or fast, a driver could have trouble judging your exact location.
* Check the light is clearly visible when side-on or at an angle.
* Light mounting brackets will fit most bikes but check they'll fit yours.
* Ideally the light should use easily obtainable batteries such as AAs or AAAs.

Stay visible

Too many cyclists ride at night with weak bike lights or none at all. Check your lights periodically to make sure they are still putting out a good, bright light; if they’re looking dim, put in new batteries.

If you’re a regular night rider, it’s worth investing a little more to ensure you stay visible to other road users. Bike lights can sometimes fail, especially in the rain, so it may be worth having an extra light or two on your bike or backpack. Wear light-coloured or reflective clothing, or a reflective strip or vest.

Read more from Choice here:

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