Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hosting other cyclists

There is a great web site called 'Warm Showers' where cyclists with space can offer to host, for free, other cyclists at their home.

The deal is well thought out, with the host setting out what they are prepared to offer, lawn space for the tent or a room, or just a sofa bed; meals, or just kitchen spcae, 'turn up' or give formal warning via email, phone or fax; short term storage, or none, and so on.

The system is built on reciprocity, so those who take are expected to also give, when they get back home anyway.

It is a global system and worth a look at.

You can only see who the hosts are if you are a member, so think about signing up and becoming a 'warm showers' host.

There are many Australian hosts, but only one, so far, in the Toowoomba region.

Don't forget, if you're going to cycle in Tasmania, Victoria, or all the way to WA, there are probably warm showers to be staying with on the way through.

For the web site go here:

Monday, 1 December 2008

How to mark a roundabout properly

These two photoghraphs, taken within the Noosa shire area, show how out council should be using the BAZ signs, the yellow bike logo, a very large sign, stuck mid lane, not in the gutter.

The other picture shows how cyclists should be served with signage at the roundabout, again, not a tiny sign stuck in the gutter, but proper green lanes allowing for left, right and straight on positioning.

Of course, such obvious signage would not be so vital if our fellow road users knew how to behave at roundabouts.

This requires large scale public education, and not just from the Toowoomba Regional Council either.

Clearly, there are many agencies of government that should, must, start playing their part in educating motorists and cyclists in how to cooperate on our roadways.

BUG Social Ride December 7

The next BUG social ride is on Sunday 7 December, but with a summer early start.

Meet at the Art Gallery Garden, opposite the Oxygen Cafe ready to leave at 6.30 a.m..

The route is a 36 km ride going via the Uni, Top Camp, Hodgson Vale, Lucks Road and back through Drayton to meet again at the Oxygen Cafe for a coffee and relax.

See you there.