Monday, 23 March 2009

March 29 BUG ride

The next BUG ride is on Sunday 29 March.

Please note the change of time.

No longer 6.30 a.m.

Leaving the Art Gallery Gardens at 7.00 a.m. and finishing there later with coffee and talks at the Oxygen Cafe.

Please keep the Highway Code (and law) in mind and do not ride more than two abreast.

It seems that 59 percent of Toowoomba drivers are 'uncertain' how to pass a cyclist.

Which helps explain why they cross double white lines to get past, overtake then turn left just in front of you.

Anyway, two abreast is legal, four and five is not.

Want to sell your bike?

Here is a new way to sell your unwanted bikes, for free.

Bicycle book for women

When I first started cycling and made the decision to purchase an actual road bike, I walked into the bike shop blissfully unaware about what I needed. All I knew was that I required something with curved handle bars and skinny wheels. I walked out with a women’s specific frame (size small) that was fitted with a 110mm stem and 42 cm handlebars.

A few years later when I moved from touring to racing and began looking at actual race frames, I quickly learned that I should have and could have felt quite a bit different on the bike. I was constantly shifting around, shrugging my shoulders and stretching my back to get comfortable. Just because I was a small woman did not mean the woman’s small bike was a good match. With narrow shoulders and a short torso (I’m 5’5) I found a shorter stem and handle bars to be much more comfortable and effective for my riding. For my next bike, my seat post was raised and my stem dropped.

Read more here:

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hey! Good looking....

Forget the good looking model and concentrate on the helmet.

For some time, the Internet had been scoured for a yellow or pure white bike helmet to to make some modest attempt to increase on-bike visibility.

Contact was made with Rosebank, Australia's only bike helmet manufacturer in the search for a safer lid. Unfortunately, Rosebank advised that their yellow and orange helmets were the last to leave the shop shelves, so they have discontinued the 'safety' range of colours.

Rosebank make the white Police helmet, but this (without any badges) is not available for general sales, although there is a new white helmet coming out shortly.

Yellow helmets are on sale overseas but without the Australian safety tag, it is not a good idea at all to buy a helmet that is not approved for sale in this country.

So, that leaves, as far as our intrepid researcher knows, just this Avanti 'Sonic' helmet in 'fluoro' to cater for riders who want to be seen, but not seen as a fashion accessory.

It is very confusing to see cyclists happy to wear bright colours on shirts but not ask for the same level of visibility on their helmets.

This helmet cost $50.00 and is available from Toowoomba Avanti dealers I-Ride.

If BUG supporters know of any other equally bright helmets, send the manufacturers details and url details and they will be posted here too.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What manner of beast is this?

Spotted on the BUG ride, a recumbent tandem bike.

Is this cheating, with no saddle to cause discomfort?

Sitting down to ride?

It's just not natural, is it?

Where will this cycle madness end?

The BIG Toowoomba ride

Cycle Queensland 2009
Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 September 2009
Darling Downs Loop, starting and finishing in Toowoomba
9 days, 560kms, 1000 friends

Pedal away from the everyday

Come on a cycling adventure. Explore the Darling Downs with its rolling plains and rural townships full of character and charm. And we've added all the ingredients for a perfect cycling holiday … quiet country roads, blue skies and warm sunny days.

Cycle Queensland is all about having fun - both on and off your bike. You don't need to worry about cooking meals, transporting luggage or navigating your way around a map. All your needs are taken care off.

Our tent city has hot showers, masseurs, licensed café, bike mechanics and much more. Three cyclist-sized meals are served up each day and there's always a smiling face around to lend a hand.

Why do people come on Cycle Queensland? For some it's a challenge, for others it's an adventure but for many it's simple - 9 days, 560kms, 1000 friends.

Go to the Cycle Queensland web site here:

Bike Week Toowoomba

Bike Week 2009

Brought to you by the Toowoomba Cycling Community

Bike Week is an annual event and is an initiative of Bicycle Queensland. In conjunction with organizing committees across the State, thousands of cyclists are expected to participate in a wide variety of cycling activities.

For the first time in 2009, the majority of Toowoombas Cycling Community have banded together to bring you a week long program which has been designed to be informative, helpful and most importantly fun.

So whether you are a first time cyclist or a seasoned campaigner, there should be something on offer for you.

All of the events (with the exception of the Movie Night and the Come & Tri Triathlon) are provided free of charge but on behalf of the organisers I seek your “folding note” donation for each of the events you attend. All monies collected during the week will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bush Fires Appeal.

Your attendance at, or support of, each and all of these events, will be a testament to the concern and goodwill of all cyclists and I ask you to encourage all your friends and colleagues to support these events.

Program Of Events

Saturday 14 March Group Ride and Breakfast Launch

6.00am Bikeline 32.1km @ 20km/hr

6.30am Bikeline 13 Railway Street—31.9km @ 25km/hour

Get into Racing – A Race Information session followed by a Criterium.


Sunday 15 March

6.00am Bikeline WOW Ride (Women On Wheels) 40km(approx) Energetic ride for the Intermediate + Rider

6.30am Bikeline WOW 20/20 (kms/hr) A leisurely ride for all comers

6.30am Toowoomba Region BUG 30 km (approx), Oxygen Café (cnr Ruthven & Little Streets) part course for beginners.


Monday 16 March

5.30pm Beach House Cycle Training. Roller and Wind Sessions


Tuesday 17 March

5.00pm Griffith Street Velodrome Session - Bikeline Racing

Icon Cinema Ruthven & Herries Streets “The Flying Scotsman”

Tickets On Sale Now


Wednesday 18 March

5.30pm Bikeline Twilight Ride 32kms for the hardened cyclist—Lights essential

5.30pm Redwood Park Gates Mountain Bike Night Ride


Friday 20 March

BMX Open Night—Toowoomba BMX Club


Saturday 21 March

6.30am Bikeline Town Loop Group Ride


Sunday 22 March

5.00am Mt Cootha Challenge Tailwind Tours

7.30am ‘come & tri’ Triathlon Oakey

7.00am Harvey Street Gazebo—MTB Ride Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club


Wednesday 25 March

National Ride to School Day – Toowoomba Region BUG and Local Schools

Some interesting snippets

The Shoes Ruse

(this is written for non-racers, and for riders who don't ride race-like. In other words, for recreational riders, tourists, commuters, general fitness riders...but not for racers or racer-likes. It is an opinion, a point of view not often presented as worth of consideration. No harm is intended, but no punches have been pulled, and as presented here, I believe in my bones that it is worthy of your undivided attention and serious consideration, contemplation, genuflection and more than all that, your experimentation.

If you're loving your clipless pedals, there's not much point in reading it, and certainly there's no point in changing what works for you. In that case, this article is not meant for you. But if you're not exactly in deep, passionate love with your shoe-pedal-system and are hoping there might be another way, read on!)

Read the rest here:


FIRST, some things you should know about friction shifting, even if you don't know what friction shifting is. This will tell you that, too.

Friction shifting is shifting without indexing. In indexed shifting, there are notches in the shift lever that regulate the movement, and when everything is in harmony, a skill-less person shifts perfectly. Friction shifting is shifting without the notches. The shifter moves linearly, like a ramp rather than stairs, and so, in theory, you can move the shifter in between gears and not quite be in the gear. But this is a case in which the theory is scary and reality is not. The reality is, it takes five minutes to get good enough so you hardly ever goof up, and once you're there, lots of good things happen:

Read the rest here:

Does this sound familiar?

“Bike commuters are rare to non existent in this town and our riding instead of driving a car always causes quite a commotion … Some cannot believe life is possible without a car. One man told me it was, ‘Un-American not to drive like a normal person’ and another well meaning man, assuming I had a DUI (drunk driving), told me, ‘With a good lawyer you can get your license back.’ Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own country.”

Read the rest here:

Visit Tim and Cindie's main page here:


An American planning to cycle in Australia (and other stories):

Her blog is here:

Qld Transport Hazard form

Whenever TRBUG supporters are out and about, whether on bikes or in cars, postie bikes or trucks, please keep an eye out for dangerous hazards, note some street names and house numebrs to make pinpoiting them esay, and rush home to print out a Qld Transport Hazard Report form.

Where to find them?

Right here:

Then, sadly because Qld Tpt are catching up with the technology revolution still, you have to print the pdf and post it, snail-mail, to this address:



PO BOX 645


This is not 'whingeing', it is about advising Qld Tpt where the roads need fixing up.

Obviously, not all our roads are the business of QT, most are the responsibility of our own council, but until Peter Taylor and his team devise a similar, but more effective, reporting form on the TRC web page, this one will have to do.

There are dozens of road hazards out there, and no one is looking for them, but us.

So, let's help make our roads safer by reporting the hazards.

Bike Week BUG ride

The start to the 2009 Queensland Bike Week was found at the Art Gallery garden, on Sunday 15 March.

Twenty five riders mounted their bikes, including one recumbent tandem bicycle, to take in a tour of the city.

Leaving at 6.30 a.m. was not the plan, since it is now officially past summer time, but it turned out to be 'not bad'.

The trip to Bridge Street was uneventful, and the tour around Prince Henry Heights was, as always, fast and furious with hints of fog, well mist, still lingering in parts.

The dog walkers were polite, and well behaved, as the 'group', we really don't ride like the lycra crew so that might be a liberty, shot past and on to the long haul up, and a water stop.

Then along the ridge to High Street, Alderley, and 'others' depending on what was heard or not at the briefing.

Anyway, by the time we all met at Nelson and Ruthven, we were all back together again.

Around the training circuit it was hard to keep up with which group we were, so many clusters of bike riders there were out and about.

Finally, Baker, Platz, Alderley and West saw most riders, a couple peeled off for home early, snake along this shocking piece of roadway to Herries and take a right down towards the Oxygen and a well deserved coffee and chat.

We had four new riders join us for this ride, so welcome to Val and Ian, and Tony and Judy, hope to see you for many more rides to come.

Thanks once again to Margaret and Bruce, and our outriders.