Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bike Week BUG ride

The start to the 2009 Queensland Bike Week was found at the Art Gallery garden, on Sunday 15 March.

Twenty five riders mounted their bikes, including one recumbent tandem bicycle, to take in a tour of the city.

Leaving at 6.30 a.m. was not the plan, since it is now officially past summer time, but it turned out to be 'not bad'.

The trip to Bridge Street was uneventful, and the tour around Prince Henry Heights was, as always, fast and furious with hints of fog, well mist, still lingering in parts.

The dog walkers were polite, and well behaved, as the 'group', we really don't ride like the lycra crew so that might be a liberty, shot past and on to the long haul up, and a water stop.

Then along the ridge to High Street, Alderley, and 'others' depending on what was heard or not at the briefing.

Anyway, by the time we all met at Nelson and Ruthven, we were all back together again.

Around the training circuit it was hard to keep up with which group we were, so many clusters of bike riders there were out and about.

Finally, Baker, Platz, Alderley and West saw most riders, a couple peeled off for home early, snake along this shocking piece of roadway to Herries and take a right down towards the Oxygen and a well deserved coffee and chat.

We had four new riders join us for this ride, so welcome to Val and Ian, and Tony and Judy, hope to see you for many more rides to come.

Thanks once again to Margaret and Bruce, and our outriders.

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