Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Just another day on Toowoomba roads

Was this taken on West Street, or Ruthven Street?

It's time for Toowoomba to become a little more serious about cycling. We are lining up a range of meetings with individual councillors, and the MRD, as well as preparing to send the Minister of Transport some details on the poor facilities for cycling here in Toowoomba.

This year is an election year, so we will be suggesting a number of strategies to TRBUG supporters over the months ahead to try to force some 'cycle thinking' from current and would-be politicians.

Also, we will be asking supporters to start lodging both Hazard and Incident Reports with the MRD.

The process will be explained and pro-formas supplied, but we need you all to start sending them in.

Once the MRD receives a report it must be logged and acted upon.

If nothing happens when dangers are reported it opens council and others up for claims against them.

It would be better just to be able to suggest resolutions, strategies and improvements, but for some reason, Toowoomba seems to be resistant to accepting the new role of cycling.

We will be in touch via email to each TRBUG supporter shortly.

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