Sunday, 1 February 2009

2009 action plan

The February 1st 2009 meeting of TBUG supporters agreed to endorse the 2009 draft action plan.

As well, TBUG has now become TRBUG. In line with the expanded council region, Toowoomba Bicycle Users Group has become the Toowoomba Region Bicycle Users Group, or TRBUG.

For ease of operation the email will remain the same.

The 2009 plan is now:

TRBUG fully endorses the Cycle Promotion Fund report “Getting Australia Moving”:

TRBUG supports the creation of a TRC Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) as defined by the Queensland Department of Transport:

TRBUG will pursue the following actions throughout 2009:
1. Continue to lobby relevant groups and bodies to establish a Bicycle Advisory Committee, in line with the unanimous support from the previous Toowoomba City Council for the TBUG proposal of 2007

2. TRBUG will continue to work TRC /Queensland Transport/Main Roads Department works to establish a full system of on-road cycle ways on the major roads in the city of Toowoomba and towns within the TRC area

2a) in particular, TRBUG will endeavour to gain support from and persuade all relevant actors that priority be given to an on-road cycle way from Hodgson Vale to Highfields

2b) TRBUG will continue to monitor and support the implementation of the designated SEQ principal cycle network to/within this region

3. TRBUG will explore the ways and means to establish the appropriate speeds and continue to lobby for the most appropriate road speeds for roads within the TRC region

4. TRBUG will continue to lobby TRC, major government agencies in the region and local employers/employer bodies to start planning for community and workplace end-of-journey facilities

5. TRBUG supports the 2009 Ride to Work campaign and will continue to encourage TRC, major government agencies and employers/employer bodies to commit their support for the 2009 national Ride to Work Day on Wednesday 14th October:

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