Monday, 2 February 2009

New shared pedestrian-bike paths

One of our TRBUG supporters has sent some photos in that might be of interest to people.

The State Government helps to subsidise shared footpaths, and helps our council, the TRC, with some spare change taken from our taxes.

The problem with living in a city that has been handed over to the motorists is that developers have not been encouraged to provide proper footpaths, and clearly past councils, over many years, have failed to provide the most basic of community facilities.... appropriate footpaths.

How hard would it have been to put a footpath in as the Tor and Prosser Street area, and many others, were being established?

Quite apart from the car owners that feel they are entitled to park on footpaths (all over Toowoomba), these shots hardly represent 'high order' thinking and planning.

But how many more such 'pole dancing' bike paths will Toowoomba ratepayers be funding?


  1. They are adding those little yellow dots in each side of the posts for the visually impaired.

    Someone is having a laugh in TRC.