Monday, 23 March 2009

Bicycle book for women

When I first started cycling and made the decision to purchase an actual road bike, I walked into the bike shop blissfully unaware about what I needed. All I knew was that I required something with curved handle bars and skinny wheels. I walked out with a women’s specific frame (size small) that was fitted with a 110mm stem and 42 cm handlebars.

A few years later when I moved from touring to racing and began looking at actual race frames, I quickly learned that I should have and could have felt quite a bit different on the bike. I was constantly shifting around, shrugging my shoulders and stretching my back to get comfortable. Just because I was a small woman did not mean the woman’s small bike was a good match. With narrow shoulders and a short torso (I’m 5’5) I found a shorter stem and handle bars to be much more comfortable and effective for my riding. For my next bike, my seat post was raised and my stem dropped.

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