Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hey! Good looking....

Forget the good looking model and concentrate on the helmet.

For some time, the Internet had been scoured for a yellow or pure white bike helmet to to make some modest attempt to increase on-bike visibility.

Contact was made with Rosebank, Australia's only bike helmet manufacturer in the search for a safer lid. Unfortunately, Rosebank advised that their yellow and orange helmets were the last to leave the shop shelves, so they have discontinued the 'safety' range of colours.

Rosebank make the white Police helmet, but this (without any badges) is not available for general sales, although there is a new white helmet coming out shortly.

Yellow helmets are on sale overseas but without the Australian safety tag, it is not a good idea at all to buy a helmet that is not approved for sale in this country.

So, that leaves, as far as our intrepid researcher knows, just this Avanti 'Sonic' helmet in 'fluoro' to cater for riders who want to be seen, but not seen as a fashion accessory.

It is very confusing to see cyclists happy to wear bright colours on shirts but not ask for the same level of visibility on their helmets.

This helmet cost $50.00 and is available from Toowoomba Avanti dealers I-Ride.

If BUG supporters know of any other equally bright helmets, send the manufacturers details and url details and they will be posted here too.

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