Friday, 19 June 2009

ABC Radio National 'By Design'

This week Alan Saunders interviewed a young university student who has developed a folding bike.

This is well worth having a look at.

There are a few more designs there to view too, a bike stand for when you arrive at 'the other end' and a water bottle that never needs to be filled, just what you need on a long hot BUG ride.

Worth a look at all three:

1) Mr Robert Dumaresq, Monash University.

Product Description and Principal Function(s)

'Switch commuter bike' is a high performance folding bike that has
been specifically designed for easy handling in crowded environments,
taking up no more space than the footprint of one wheel.

'Switch' promotes sustainable living by encouraging people to use
pedal power as their primary mode of transport, creating a healthier
environment and life style.

Why does the product represent design excellence and why do you believe it deserves an Australian Design Award?
'Switch Commuter bike' offers the riders a fast and reliable bike
that can be folded for convenience. It has been specifically designed
so that it is easy to handle in crowded environments taking up no more
room than the footprint of one wheel [2].

Switch was developed to address the market need for a functional bicycle
primarily targeted at commuters' needs. It enters the market at a time when
cycling numbers are high and projected to dramatically increase over the
coming years to meet the changing urban environment.

Switch is aimed solely at users who want to ride to and from their places
of employment. It offers the user the added bonus of taking
the bike easily on and off public transport [3], in and out of lifts
and the ability to store the bike in a small place at home or in the
office when not in use.
Read more here:

2) Mr Robbie McIntosh, MONASH UNIVERSITY

Product Description and Principal Function(s)

The brief detailed that we would be responsible for designing a new system of bike storage that could be expanded as demand grew in the future. The use of a bike storage system integrated into a train platform would inheritantly promote sustainability and intermodality.

Why does the product represent design excellence and why do you believe it deserves an Australian Design Award?
The final design provides a simple, clear solution that could be implemented throughout a variety of stations as well as in general public spaces and can be expanded as demand grows for the area. Through the use of modular attachments individuality can be achieved between stations. Redeveloping the gateway to one of Melbourne’s local tourist attractions will drive the message of sustainability and intermodality in train stations. Through the use of a moving sustainability icon the message will undoubtedly be spread even further.

Read more here:

3) Student Designer, Mr Yuri Teodorowych, University of Canberra

Product Description and Principal Function(s)
Combining classic mechanical processes with a wonderfully innovative design, BLU/BOTTLE requires no high tech electronics or dependence on batteries, merely the most underused energy source on the planet: human energy!

By harnessing your kinetic energy through a manual pump, various valves and pressure chambers, BLU/BOTTLE compresses a coolant until a sudden release in pressure generates a drop in temperature, generating condensation to be collected for drinking. All of this happens inside this amazingly versatile and compact bottle.

Ideal for use in remote areas, aid/relief, handy to keep with you or simply take it outdoors and never refill again!

Read more here:

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