Sunday, 14 June 2009

Open heart surgery?

Have you had open heart surgery and do you ride?

Have a look at this, sent to TBUG by Cr. Norm Wyndam.

Cr Norm Wyndham (Brisbane City Council) is inviting participants who have had open heart surgery to join him this year from 5th – 13th September on Bicycle Queensland’s Darling Downs Cycle Queensland event of 560 kilometres over eight days.

For their effort Norm is willing to outfit each rider with a ‘free’ quality Queensland made (Open Heart) team cycle jersey.

Having undergone three open heart operations since he was a child until as recent as 1991 Cr Wyndham is keen to promote both the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and the Heart Foundation.

Often when people are first faced with the prospect of heart surgery they are concerned that they will be an invalid for the rest of their lives.

This is not true and Cr Wyndham wants others who have had surgery to demonstrate this while having fun, staying fit, and raising funds for these well-known charities.

For further information please contact Norm on 3403 7690 (work).

Or email here (cutnpaste into your browser)


  1. What are the chances for open heart surgery to fail?
    My best friend has a heart problem, and will need to do open heart surgery. We're both really afraid that she'll die. Does anyone know how many chances she has of surviving? cardiothoracic surgeon

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