Monday, 6 July 2009

A talking point

STOP PRESS: This is the latest 'yellow' and will be brighter on a real shirt.
To see the shirt in a larger size, place your cursor on the picture and click your mouse- this will open up to a large shot.

TBUG has quite a following these days, so we thought it might be a good idea to start thinking about a TBUG identifier.

This is merely a starting point to find out what people think about:

The idea of a TBUG shirt

The design for a TBUG shirt

The colours for a TBUG shirt

The cost of a TBUG shirt

This design has long sleeves, to help save riders from too much sun but we would need to know whether people wanted long or short sleeves.

The colours in this design are just to get a design out there but we asked mainly for a bright yellow component without making it look like an industrial work-shirt. There is a brighter shade of yellow available, apparently.

The white is a good idea to break up blocks of colour.

The bike and road logo is what the original TBUG supporters came up with, so it only seems appropriate to keep their handiwork.

The 3Rs is important to help demonstrate to other road users that we are there on the road, with them, and following the same rules as them.

The blue was put there by the Scody designer, and could be any colour that looks good, that TBUG people can (largely) agree on.

We have looked at the Toowoomba City crest for colours. Yellow reflects the wheat, blue the sky, white?... not sure, but purple is a feature in the crest and that might be good in place of the dark blue.

Obviously, if there is no demand for a shirt we will take this no further but it would be good (actually essential)to hear back from TBUG supporters.

The shirt as presented will cost about $98.00 each and there is a minimum group order of 25 (prepaid).

There is a one-off charge of $500 for setting up the design and a delivery charge of $30.00. The shirt price is inclusive (I think) of these two costs.

We have asked if that can be reduced at all, and are awaiting some feedback.

We have also asked if we can get a mix of unisex and female-fitting shirts within the minimum order, given that we will not be ordering hundreds (yet).

If this idea is adopted, then we could look at shorts to go with the shirts if there was a call for that, but the initial idea was to get a clear identifier of TBUG, while making our social riders more visible on our Sunday rides.

Of course, the hope would be that the people would wear TBUG shirts as they ride to work, on club rides and just when they go shopping (even in the car).

There's nothing like publicity to get a name out and about.

Please send your thoughts to the TBUG on


  1. I like the jumpers (with long sleeves)and the colours are fine by me. I realise that space is limited but I would like to see some promotion of health, green, and/or economic issues, rather than the old slogan. "Cycle for life", for instance, or "get healthy and wealthy while you commute", or "getting "on" a bike is the hardest part--after that it's easy!", or "commute for free--the exercise is incidental!". "Join the TBUG community!" could be appended to whatever slogan. Average people are going to take some coaxing out of their cars, but if we can build this community, change will follow! We can't expect roads and facilities to improve much, for instance, until demand makes it a necessity. And only a fair dinkum presence on the roads will change anything.
    The current slogan is too sedate! All due respect, but let's bury it.

  2. Great idea having a long sleeve shirt.
    People generally don't know what BUG means - the shirt should 'explain' this.
    Perhaps a more modern design (i.e. Bicycle Qld latest shirt)
    Speak to SCODY ?
    Chris Meibusch 0419 765078