Tuesday, 7 July 2009

News from the USA

If you think foldable bicycles are a relatively new innovation,
think again. For example, as documented at the following website, a
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) folding military bike was utilized by
some of the British paratroopers deployed in the D-Day invasion on
the coast of Normandy on June 6, 1944--as blogger Rich Kelly
learned at last week's "Wings Over Gillespie" air show outside San
Diego. Fascinating stuff that begs further investigation.


"The afternoon bell rings and students rush out to claim their
rides--except for about 20 students who wait in the school's
lobby for third-grade teacher Derek Carlson. It's Tuesday
afternoon, so that means it's time for another meeting of the
Lake Harriet Bike Club." So goes this story about the Lake
Harriet Community School in southwest Minneapolis, whose bicycling
program could make a great model for similar programs elsewhere.
It's part of a district wellness policy adopted in 2006 designed to
encourage healthy eating and physical activity among students. "In
a district where not all schools allow students to ride bicycles to
school, Lake Harriet's upper campus stands out," writes Southwest
Journal contributor Dylan Thomas (his name sounds familiar, but
we're not sure why).
Read the rest of the story by pointing and clicking here:



Thousands of Miles is an upcoming feature-length documentary from
Project Pedal that focuses on the concept of individuals being
connected via the places they've visited by bicycle. "Rooted in
the maze of backroads stretching from small town to small
town ... all of us who've traveled by bike share in a personal
experience that is difficult to put into words," says co-director
Mike Ambs. "Stockpile is an element of our feature film, an outreach
campaign to collect a pool of raw media from other travelers and
with it, help visually express that our experiences on the road are
intertwined in ways we often overlook." Learn more about the project
at these links:

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