Saturday, 29 August 2009

Unicycle madness

This story came from the USA but shows a clear Australian link between universities and uni cycles. Is it student poverty that forces Australian uni' students to economise with only one wheel?

Bike Bits heard recently from Gideon Erkenswick, who wrote

"There is an amazing cycling expedition in progress by an
Indian citizen and graduate student in Australia, named Sid Rajan.

He is attempting to ride his unicycle, self-supported, across the
southern coast of Australia from Perth to Sydney (about 6000km).

He is doing it in part for himself, to complete his Master's thesis, and
to raise money for NGOs that support children in need of healthcare
and education.

When complete, Rajan will be the first person ever to
ride a unicycle from the West Coast to the East Coast."

Rajan has already completed the Perth to Adelaide leg, and plans to begin the
Adelaide to Sydney stretch in November.

Click here to visit his website:

At this link you can view a video of him:

And to read about more of this unicycle-adventure madness, check out
"One-Track Minds" here:

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