Saturday, 29 August 2009

Cycling gets safer the more cyclists there are

If the UK can organise this, surely we in Toowoomba can manage it too?

Cycling gets safer the more cyclists there are.

That's the message of the UK Cycle Touring Club (CTC), which explains that when more people cycle, more often, the safer it is for each individual cyclist.

Possible reasons for the "Safety in numbers" effect are:

* Drivers are more aware of cyclists
* Drivers are more likely to be cyclists themselves
* There is greater political will to improve cycling conditions

CTC want to halve the risk of cycling by doubling their numbers.

The UK Government has already adopted a target to halve the risks of cycling in its draft Road Safety Strategy, A Safer Way.

This is exactly what CTC proposed in their "New Vision for Cycling".

However, apart from some welcome proposals to introduce more 20mph (approx 30 kph) zones and limits, the draft Strategy says little about how they will achieve this target.

CTC believe the best way is to double the levels of cycling. This will benefit the streets, the health of UK citizens, communities and the environment, as well as improving safety for all road users.

How will this be achieved?

By tackling the fears which prevent people from cycling more:

* Improving driver behaviour
* Making the road environment more welcoming for cyclists
* Funding schemes that promote cycling positively and improve confidence

See here for the CTC 'Safety in Numbers document:

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