Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bike gadgets

Front wheel dynamo

Need a front wheel bike dynamo? Look no further than PedalPower+.

This front wheel dynamo can charge your batteries as you pedal along on the next TBUG world tour of the Darling Downs, or even beyond.

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From the web site:

PedalPower+ is an innovation that allows bike riders to recharge their mobile phones, GPS and other small devices in a safe and regulated process from a bicycle hub or bottle dynamo.

In the ‘old’ days, a bicycle dynamo was only used for one thing, bicycle lighting, which was the only electronic application that a rider needed. If you needed a telephone, you found a public phone box, if you needed to find your way you looked at a map

While the application for lighting still exists today, far more is needed, modern riders use mobile phones, GPS and need to have easy electronic answers to recharging, small devices that require 5v up to 600mA, DC input to recharge them. Appliances like GPS, mobile phones, AA and AAA batteries, digital cameras, MP3, iPod and iPhone, to name a few.

At PedalPower+ we provide the solution. Our range of products gives you a complete system by generating energy while on your bike, using that energy to recharge your device while riding, collecting and storing all or part of the energy and using the collected energy to charge devices while not riding. How easy.

By using our patented, small, modern technology, we have solved several major issues that enable a bicycle dynamo to be used to recharge small electronic devices safely. Issues such as creating DC output, current regulation, stability, efficiency and reliability.

Our patented technology is used in two ways, firstly by incorporating our patented technology inside our hub dynamo, making it the world’s first DC Output Bicycle Hub Dynamo, effectively making the charging process exactly the same as from a mains wall charger giving up to DC 5v 600mA. This allows direct charging of any small device requiring 5v and up to 600mA, to recharge its internal batteries without using a special regulating cable from an AC dynamo

Secondly by being incorporated into our PP+ Universal Hub Dynamo Cable. This allows our standard AC hub dynamo or third party AC hub dynamos, rated at 6v3w or 2.4w to be safely used as the source of energy. Perfectly suited to AC dynamo hubs from Sram, Shimano, Schmidt, Suntour, Novatec and other manufacturers, great to use as a simple retrofit for those riders who already have hub generators.

Today’s society’s demands for green, environmentally friendly, health promoting products, combined with the needs and wishes of modern bike riders, are perfectly answered with the PedalPower+ system. The whole range completes a clean, green and free solution to the energy requirements of the rider, whether that rider is a commuter, trekker, long distance rider or holiday maker. PedalPower+ encompasses all.

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