Saturday, 29 August 2009

TBUG shirts design and size chart

Readers: we are trying to get a bigger shot of the shirt posted here, but the detail is still there to be seen- long sleeves, in unisex and 'female' fit, 3/4 'invisible' zip, 3 pockets to rear, highly visible, and the purple is a reflection of our Toowoomba colours.

Readers would be aware that TBUG has been trying to organise a shirt for the BUG rides.

While we had received a number of expressions of interest there were not enough to fill the initial order with our first shirt makers, so we had a further look into the industry.

We found Pinnacle Shirts, and a very helpful Rob who owns the business.

We now have an approved shirt design and are taking the next step, collecting orders for it, and deposit monies.

When you are looking at the design, please remember that we are actually ordering long-sleeved shirts, not the design model on display with short sleeves.

We can, however, order either a 'female fit' or a unisex fit, as the chart below shows.

So, the process is this:

Check the chart size and be clear about what you want.

Send TBUG an email with your name, address, contact phone number and size and 'fit' clearly marked, as well as the number of shirts you want if it is more than one per size:

Then you need to get your money to the TBUG.

Once Rob has the shirt order he will issue us with an invoice and his bank account details. We will email these details to each rider with a shirt order and you will have to deposit the money direct into the Pinnacle account.

TBUG has no bank account, so the only alternative is to hand your cash or cheque over to Hugh, who will then pay Rob.

Either way, Pinnacle wants the money before it can ship our shirts.

Pinnacle Size Chart

Cycle Jersey and Wind Vest

To fit measurements (not garment measurements):

Unisex sizes:
Size: 4XS = Chest 70, 3XS = 75, 2XS = 80, XS = 85, S = 90, M = 95, L = 100, XL = 105, 2XL = 110, 3XL = 115, 4XL = 120
Note: These sizes are a guide only.

Ladies sizes:

Size: 8, Chest 80 Hips 87

Size 10, Chest 85 Hips 92

Size 12, Chest 90 Hips 97

Size 14, Chest 95 Hips 102

Size 16, Chest 100 Hips 107

Size 18, Chest 105 Hips 112

Please note that the polyester cycle jerseys are a close fitting garment as preferred by most cyclists and the actual chest size will measure just 5-7cm larger than the ‘to fit’ size above.

As an example, the approximate ‘actual chest size’ of some sizes are:
M/14 – 101cm
L/16 – 106cm
XL/18 – 110cm

As a guide for hip measurements, the jerseys are elasticated at the bottom, and will stretch to approximately the same size as the chest (i.e. the bottom of a medium/size 14 jersey will fit up to 102cm hip).

Wind vests are designed to be worn over the top of a cycle jersey of the same size.

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