Friday, 7 October 2011

Wales to launch a massive campaign to reduce car trips

The TBUG has urged similar actions when sitting as a member on the Queensland 'Bike Council' but found the 'whole of government' approach, which was the central role of the Council, organised by then Transport Minister Rachel Nolan (in good faith we believe, did not extend to actually planning any action.

After highlighting the failure of the original Queensland Cycle Strategy to achieve its objective of lifting cycle journeys across the state, we were thanked for our contributions, and shown the door.

Still, if the Welsh government can grasp the ideas required, there should, in theory, be no reason why the Queensland government cannot too.

‘We’ll work with people at school, work and home, helping them to make changes to their daily travel choices when and where it suits them. If each family replaced one car journey a week with a more sustainable alternative it can make a big difference. Taking this approach in areas of England has shown a reduction in car trips of at least 10 per cent. It’s an ambitious project with the potential to bring about sustained change in the way the people of Wales use their cars.‘

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