Thursday, 6 October 2011

How not to mark a roundabout

This is the new roundabout at Gipps-Drayton Road.

The designer has placed the bike rider exactly where commonsense and self preservation informs the cautious bike rider not to go, on the left hand side of a fast moving vehicle.

The bike rider should take their place 'in the lane', in the middle of the mouth of the roundabout, and assert their right to be safe and on the road in doing so, like any other vehicle would.

There is no provision, in this design, for the bike rider to turn right safely.

Such a rider would have to battle with fast moving vehicles wanting to go straight ahead, up Drayton Road.

TBUG believes this is a dangerous and highly undesirable piece of design work, and it should be remarked to make it safer, removing the bike lanes as they are currently positioned.