Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nelson Street roundabout makes the news

CYCLISTS have hit out at Toowoomba Regional Council for failing to supply adequate bike lanes on the city's roads.

The Toowoomba Chronicle inspected the new Nelson Street roundabout with TBUG and wrote this story:

TBUG has now written to Bicycle Queensland, Transport & Main Roads, and Austroads, the so-called standard setters of Australian road design, and we await word back from them all.

Austroads, in particular, seems to be responsible for allowing poor design to continue as an option for local authorities and it is hard to understand why this is so.

Maybe it will take a death or injury event and legal action against councils, TMR officials and Austroads standard setters before the message gets through, that the continual prioritisation of motor vehicles, at the cost of cycler safety, on what the law recognises as a shared space, is not an acceptable return for tax and rate monies invested?

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