Thursday, 6 October 2011

Speed kills, so why encourage speeding in the city centre?

This shot is in Russell Street, outside Betros fruit and vegetables shop, looking up to West Street.

In the space of a hundred metres or so, three sets of lights, all at different stages, confront the driver.

This is in a 60 kph zone.

Is it wise to encourage vehicles to do such a speed in the city centre streets?

Knowing that 'speed kills' and urging drivers not to drive over the speed limit is fine, but what should we think of law makers that allow and encourage drivers to go too fast, when there is ample evidence available that shows 50, 40, 30 kph speed limits are potential life savers, and in the congested city environment, with so many impediments to fast flow traffic, such as traffic lights everywhere, there is barely any slowing effect on travel times at slower speeds?

Is it ethical to persist with encouraging drivers to speed above what the conditions suggest but the speed zone refuses to recognise?

TBUG believes it is high time for some ethical considerations to impinge upon TRC road design thinking, above just 'what others do'