Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ride to Work news update

Well, it was touch and go on the judging for this years award.

A great roll-up at various workplaces around Toowoomba but, once again, the staff at Disability Services took out the coveted prize for the second year running. Well done Anne, Sandy and all the staff there.

With a turn out of nearly 20% of their staff, it just goes to show how many people can ride to work if they elect to do so, if the staff understand the benefits to them, and if management understands the need to provide some basic facilities for secure parking, storage and changing.

[The prize for this has to go to USQ, with their two beautiful end-of-journey facilities that every medium to large public and private employer should go and look at.]

Of course, if you live in, say, Wyreema and work in, say, the Army camp at Borneo Barracks, you might not decide to cycle to work.

But, that is exactly what one R2W cyclist did do, and good on him too. What an effort!

Hang on though, without diminishing that effort at all, there was another eager soul who rode from Gatton to Tor Street DEEDI-DERM offices,via Flagstone Creek Road, and back again at night. WOW!

The USQ campus had a good roll up but with so many staff their percentages were down.

Tongues are already wagging, ideas fomenting, and resolutions are being suggested for R2W 2012, to overcome the disparity between different sized workplaces.

All suggestions will be considered, so small and large workplaces, and even sole traders, can be accommodated in next years competition through a wider range of primary category winners.

Also pleasing was the school that entered, a good sign that younger people can see the benefit bike riding brings, both personally and to the overall community.

A full list of prize winners will be posted shortly.

In the meantime, here is the Chronicle's angle on the day:

Not mentioned so far are the Toowoomba Regional Council staff who helped make the event happen, or the financial support from the Council, both vital to the success of the day.

Thanks go to Sue and Candice, and to the Mayor and CEO for their support again in 2011.

Finally, thanks to Michael and staff at the Oxygen Cafe for hosting the afternoon prize awards.

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