Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Workplace BUGs and Ride to Work day 2009

Does your Workplace have a Bicycle User Group (BUG)? If not Bicycle Victoria have some useful tips to help get your BUG started and keep it growing:

The BV 'Cycle Friendly Workplace Guide':

Some useful tips to start your Workplace BUG:

* register your BUG online
* send an email to everyone in your workplace to let them know you have
established a BUG
* plan an initial get together
* put up some posters around the workplace to encourage others to join the BUG

The BV 'Workplace BUG' guide:

Your BUG is established...now what?

* keep it active - monthly newsletters or prize incentives
* organise BUG social days
* arrange for a bike tool box to be kept at your work
* use your BUG to drive change - establish a steering committee and rally for
things such as better bike parking

Bicycle Victoria are seeking Ambassadors to promote National Ride to Work Day 2009 throughout their workplaces and in the wider community.

See details of the 2009 R2W Day here:

Ambassadors are senior managers who have made the commitment to:

* make National Ride to Work Day (14 October 2009) a date on the company calendar
* promote it well in advance through intranet and staff newsletters
* organise a celebratory breakfast on the day or encourage attendance at your
local CBD breakfast, organised by Toowoomba BUG

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