Saturday, 9 May 2009

Toowoomba Hospital BUG

Mothers Day marked the inaugural ride for the brand new Toowoomba Hospital BUG,with fifteen riders taking part.

The ride took off from the Art Gallery Garden at 8.00 am and returned there at about 9.30 am for coffee and snacks.

The ride was led by Andrew Elvery, who has worked to get the Hospital BUG up and running. Considering it was Mothers Day, the turn out was rather good.

A town circuit was undertaken, going down Herries to Kitchener, along past Lake Annand to the waterbird habitat, up Alderley to Rowbotham and then a quick circuit of Picnic Point to fly down Long to Lake Annand and left down Perth to Ruthven and back to the Oxygen Cafe.

Two young children, one in a trailer and the other on the back of the bike, enjoyed the ride, while three young riders managed to keep their pace down to accommodate their parents and other adults.

The Toowoomba BUG is pleased to see another major workplace in Toowoomba forming a workplace BUG and looks forward to working with the Hospital BUG in many joint ventures.

Well done Andrew, the Queensland Health staff, and their children and partners, for taking this great step for yourselves and for Toowoomba cycling.


  1. It was a great ride. We'll definitely be back and I hope that more casual riders join us for the 'short loop.' Toowoomba really is a lovely town when seen from the saddle.

  2. On ya THBUG! It was great morning to enjoy cycling while celebrating Mother's Day. Well done Andrew and THBUG riders. Matty - DPIBUG