Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rex Hunt kisses fish and breaks cyclist finger

When you have a high profile, people pay attention to what you do or say, so when Rex Hunt appears in court for assaulting a cyclist it is 'news'.

We have not heard of anything similar here, but the aggressive behaviour towards cyclists is well recognised.

However, all is not lost with this case as Rex offered this comment after leaving court:

He said if any good could come out of the case it would be the elimination of parking on Beach Road.

"I just hope the cyclists of Beach Road get a real fair deal,'' Hunt said.

"Cyclists have a right to ride along Beach Road and unfortunately the bad news for motorists is that parking must go.

"We don't need any other incidents and we don't need any other deaths.''

Have a read, if you missed it all over the weekend papers last week:



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