Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sites about cycling from BUG supporters

Portland seems to understand-can Toowoomba?

In Portland, where he is a political writer with The Oregonian, Mapes' bike commutes were made safer when the city shut down one entrance ramp to the Hawthorne Bridge that was causing bike-car conflicts.

"A movement has grown slowly, under the radar screen, which people are hardly aware is going on," Mapes told a Tuesday night forum sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Seattle is a big blip on bicyclists' radar screen. The city's big street repair package, approved by voters a couple years back, provided $27 million for bicycle projects.

At a weekly Madrona neighborhood breakfast, Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin often shows up in riding attire, taking his helmet off as he orders coffee. About 4.2 percent of trips taken in the Emerald City are by bike, triple the figure of a few years back.

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Australian Bicycling Awards
Read more here: http://www.cyclingawards.com.au/

It seems Mayors can win bicycling awards too, and if the Brisbane Mayor can be nominated and win one, why shouldn't we expect to see the Toowoomba Mayor up there too?

“One of the standout winners this year is the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman for his visionary $100 million investment in bicycle infrastructure and encouragement programs to help make Brisbane more liveable” Ms Speidel said.

Well, Toowoomba cycling would have to be lifted from 'low priority' to 'high priority' and the creation of a consultative mechanism that dealt with the wide range of stakeholders, local and from Government agencies, would have to be the starting point.

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