Monday, 21 April 2008

Winter means 'light up'

The major article below has been borrowed from Bicycle Queensland because the message is simple but very powerful and there seems little point in paraphrasing it.

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See what Bicycle Victoria says about some quality battery lights here:

To be fair to other roads users, as well as looking after our own interests, we have to make sure we can be seen by drivers.

See what Queensland drivers say about bikes-without-lights:

Riding at night without lights also lowers the reputation of bike riding in the eyes of other road users – including those who ride bikes.

A survey of 4 500 drivers in Queensland confirmed that motorists find it frustrating when bike riders don’t use lights at night. The survey (RACQ October 2006) put riders without lights at night at 7th on the top ten annoying things for motorists. In this survey, riding at night without lights was the bike rider behaviour that was most annoying for drivers.

Visit the article below here:

A roadside survey conducted in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney has revealed that thousands of bike riders are riding at night without proper lights.

The study which logged 1,220 riders on roads after sunset in the four centres showed that 65% of riders had both lights, 17% had only one light and 19% had no lights.

The study revealed some differences between the centres.

  • Brisbane had the most riders with lights. 76% had both lights. 11% had only one light and 13% had no lights.
  • In Sydney 69% of riders had lights. Only 11% had no lights - the lowest number nationally.
  • In Canberra 68% of riders observed had both lights and 80% had at least one light.
  • Melbourne riders were least compliant. Only 59% had both lights and 22% had none.

"These results are very disappointing, giving us an indication of what is happening all around the country. The steady growth in bike riding across Australia is a positive thing, but now there are thousands of people who are putting themselves at risk by riding without lights at night," Harry Barber, spokesperson for the National Light Up! campaign run by member based bike riding organisations across Australia, said.

"Bike lights prevent collisions. Everyone who rides on the roads at night must fit them to warn other road users and protect themselves," Mr Barber said.

"We are asking for police bike patrols across Australia to help us encourage everyone who rides at night to have working lights," he said.

"Bike lights today are relatively cheap and so much better than they used to be. There really is no excuse not to have them if you are riding at night," Mr Barber said.

A test of widely available bicycle lights conducted with Choice magazine and representatives from the police, the RACV, road authority and bicycle retailers and riders showed that you can get a great set of lights for $60.

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