Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Cycle skills day April

Thanks go to the Toowoomba Triathlete Club for getting I-Ride to run the 'skills' day last Saturday at Jahnke Transport in Tait Street. Thanks to the Jahnke's too.

The training was two hours of building up from simple 'stopping' exercises, with tips on how to control the bike with cleated shoes on, to a more intense exercise where riders circled in pairs with an arm on-around (only if they were comfortable doing it) their partner. This built balance and trust... and was not to be repeated on the highway at all.

As an observer there, it was clear many riders were fairly new to riding, or newly returned after many years away, and certainly picked up new skills or understood better why something should, or should not, be done on a bike, on a road.

This is the sort of course we could encourage BUG riders to do if they are new to riding as a demonstration of our support for the 3Rs view of life-on-the-road.

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