Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Keep cool equipment

This shoulder covering garment looks quite interesting. Take a trip to their web site and check it out.

Small Core Cooler: For personal cooling, fits adults with smaller shoulders. Comes in a variety of colors (yellow, red, blue, black, green), so please specify, but in reality color choices are probably limited. $49.95

The Core Cooler fits over your shoulders and around your neck. We sometimes think of it as the "thermal dickie" though the manufacturer likes to say "personal radiator." It is "charged" by soaking it in room-temperature water, which is absorbed by Polycrylamide crystals (non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and inert - these crystals are often used for water retention in landscaping). These crystals are compartmentalized over the body of the garment, with air channels running between the compartments. As your body heats up, the water absorbs the heat. The movement of air through the channels evaporates the warm water, carrying off the heat. These things really work, and we know this because the summers in Austin get hot.

The Core Cooler is easily donned and removed, and it is not necessary to remove one's shirt to do so. It has a slightly wet feel when first charged, but this quickly dissipates. Your upper body clothing will come out much dryer than without using a Core Cooler.

Made by 661, who normally makes gear for "extreme sports" people, the Core Cooler has been tested in demanding environments by fire fighters, athletes, and soldiers.
Accessories: Core Cooler, Small — $49.95 each.

Try their 'Sheik flap' too while you're there.

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