Sunday, 4 October 2009

Two world bike travellers

The first site is of the author, Steve Lord.

I am Stephen Lord, the author of Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, formerly known as Adventure Cycling Handbook, and can be reached using the contact form.

Born and raised in Britain, I have loved cycling and the outdoors since childhood. I have lived for half my adult life overseas, in Japan and the USA and have toured in the USA, Japan and Europe including a couple of long rides, once across Europe to Athens and down the Pacific coast of North America. I can’t say I’ve “been there, seen it, done that” for every biking destination, but I hope I have time left for many more bike trips. I also enjoy kayak touring and long-distance walking. I like trips which combine the outdoors with great food and culture. Germany is one of my favourite bike touring destinations for those reasons and I hope to go there again soon. I also want to ride the Via de la Plata in Spain, having walked 500km of it a few years ago. I enjoy reading bike travel stories and looking at bikers’ websites. I have been a member of Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree ‘on your bike’ for three years, posting as Hebairt, (a name which came from a cat) and several other branches. I also enjoy participating in and reading the views of the largely North American Phred group of bike tourers, many of whom have contributed to, a huge collaborative project which is fast becoming the best starting point on the web for bike tourers.

and his blog site:

The second is of Astrid Domingo Molyneux, who is still on her two year solo ride-around-the-world.

I hope you will join me on my 2-year cycle trip round the world.

I am taking a break from work, setting off in May 2008, from my home near Bristol, UK, travelling towards the rising sun. I shall be solo, unsupported and self-funded.

The trip will give me the opportunity to raise awareness of, and, hopefully, money for, a couple of specific charities, The Leprosy Mission and the Deaf Studies Trust.

Do take a look at the rest of the site: at my proposed route (it will be interesting to see how the actual one evolves); at my journal - a fortnightly-by-fortnightly (or thereabouts) update of musings and happenings; at my photos (oh, look, another set of rolling hills); at my charity page (an attempt at making my trip not entirely introspective and self-centred).

And, if you feel like contacting me, well, then, do. :-)

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