Sunday, 4 October 2009

Respect The Red: a Bicycle Victoria campaign

Running red lights is a major source of anti-bike rider sentiment. If we are to win respect in the community and support for better conditions for bike riders, we must 'respect the red'.

After all, we ride the same roads, are bound by the same rules and have the same responsibilities, as all other road users.

Of course, it would help if motor vehicle drivers in Toowoomba were not quite so prone to colour blindness too.

See BV here:

1 September 2009. Respect the RED, a joint promotion between Bicycle Victoria and the Victoria Police, had its first outing today.

Respect the RED is aimed at reducing the incidence of collisions at signal controlled intersections.

Police data shows that there is a worrying rise in crashes at certain busy intersections, particularly in the CBD, where one of the road users has run a red light.

Many of these incidents involve both bikes riders and pedestrians.

Recent blitzes by the Police have revealed that the majority of offenders are pedestrians. However, too many bike riders are still ignoring the law and putting life and limb at risk.

Police will continue to mount these blitzes periodically in order to ensure that riders are fully aware of their responsibilities.

The blitzes are three day events. Day one is a warning day where Police maximize their visibility and issue warnings to offenders. Days two and three are when serious enforcement is enacted.

On today's warning day Bicycle Victoria members joined Police to observe and hand out our Respect the RED bookmark.

Most riders encountered were appreciative of the warnings. Puzzlingly, several hot-heads were resentful of the warning, and argued themselves into a fine.

Police found plenty to do, repeatedly booking cars and motorbikes for using the bike lane.

Bicycle Victoria appreciates the invitation by the Police to develop the Respect the RED campaign and to work with them on warning days in this and future blitzes.

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