Tuesday, 9 October 2007

South Bank - Gold Coast Sunday 7 October

Wilson HTM Cycle Challenge

The Toowoomba BUG was represented, unofficially, by a number of riders.

No doubt there were many Toowoomba cyclists there but since we all went as individuals we probably will miss people on this list.

Spotted by The BUG were Bruce and Margaret and Mark was spotted by them. David and Hugh were there together, and The BUG snapped Graham relaxing after a hard slog (see mugshot).

The day started at 6.00 am at South Bank, where thousands of riders assembled in readiness. A few megaphone calls to get riders to 'come out the shoot' as required by the permit, and then a wave of 'clip-clip-clip-clip' up and down the lines as the front line riders readied to go.

The I-Ride team was just in front of The BUG and we saw them shoot off.

Most bikes were 'bikes' but there was a tridem as well as numerous tandems. Recumbent bikes and two trikes were spotted, there could have been more.

One dad had a tag-a-long with a daughter pedaling with another daughter perched on the very tail with no powered feet.

One Burley trailered boy was spotted a few times throughout the day, along with a young lad perched on his fathers cross bar, on a special seat- having a whale of a time.

There were young-to-old on all sorts of bikes.

A stop at the 40 kms mark also allowed riders to join the stream there instead of at South Bank.

The next stop at 75kms offered a very welcome lunch, drink bottle refills and space to spread out for a while.

The last 25 kms were fairly easy going after some of the very rough roads we were put on to, and the Gold Coast crowd were very friendly with more than a few bystanders clapping riders in to the finish line.

The BUG returned by bus with the bike going on a covered truck ahead and both arriving back at South Bank at the same time. Perfect, and a very welcome ride home.

Bike Qld organised a very good day with no hint of any breakdowns, for The BUG at least.

This bike day has been going for three years now and is well worth the modest costs involved, although if the Toowoomba BUG were to organise a group to go down together, the cost of getting down and back could be reduced for each of us.


Well worth it, a very enjoyable day out.

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