Tuesday, 23 October 2007

RACQ magazine stories worth reading

The latest edition of the RACQ Road Ahead magazine has two stories of particular interest to cyclists in Toowoomba.

1. On page 19 there is a story, Tell the police, encouraging motorists to use the QPS (Qld Police Service) Traffic Complaints System, which has recorded 30,000 complaints "... involving hooning, dangerous driving, road rage, drink driving and speeding".

This is the same process T-BUG advised readers of earlier, and a link can be found on the right-hand side of the blog, taking you to the Qld Tpt site and a pdf form for printing and taking in to the Toowoomba Police.

2. Ben Wilson, of Bike Queensland, is featured in a story on page 30, Fairer sharing, concerning the relationship between motorists and cyclists.

We all know what motorists are capable of from time to time, but we have to be aware of our behaviour as cyclists too.

Ben makes a number of good points for cyclists reminding us not to go through red lights, to be well lit at night, to be conspicuous, assertive but not illogical, and to be aware of our surroundings and to respond to them accordingly, finally, Ben advises cyclists should take care in narrow bike lanes too.

Incidentally, membership of Bike Queensland offers riders public liability insurance as an integral part of the membership fee as well as the ability to buy some bike insurance if your household/contents insurance does not offer you any. See http://www.bq.org.au/membership/

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