Saturday, 27 October 2007

Share the road information

Campaign background
In 1993 the South Australian Government made a commitment to double cycling in South Australia by the year 2000 and increase cycling safety. It was recognised that to achieve behavioural change that will increase cycling safety a wide range of strategies needed to be deployed. The Cycling Strategy for South Australia (October 1996) ensured that engineering, enforcement, education and encouragement strategies would contribute to and reinforce cycling safety. The Share the Road public awareness campaign, which aimed to increase awareness of cycling related road rules and safety precautions, has been an integral element of this strategy.... read more here including a short video:

And, read this series of cycle related myths:
Many myths, generalisations and assumptions are often used toward cycling and riders. So here’s a collection of some commonly misunderstood issues accomponied by clarity that hopefully helps to clear up what many non-cyclists think... read more here:

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