Sunday, 16 November 2008

Travelling by bike

Here are a few bike travel stories worth a look at, either to inspire travels or to see what others get up to.

This one is a small selection of UK tandem traveling tales:

This is a story from a recumbent rider, but not 'just' a recumbent, a leather sofa forms the basis of this 'bike'. An amusing tale of serious cycling:

And this is an account, found in The Australian, of the bike hire system in Seville, Spain.

I am standing on a footpath in Seville, studying a street map, when a shrill bell jerks me away from the printed tangle of spaghetti purporting to be streets.

I glance up to see a glaring young woman astride a red-and-white bicycle heading straight for me. I leap out of her way just in time to land in the path of a neatly suited businessman shrilling the bell of an identical bike heading in the opposite direction.

I try being indignant (always a first resort) but my partner, who has somehow avoided this onslaught of vicious cyclists, points out I have been standing on a clearly painted bike path. Indeed, the 2m-wide footpath is painted green and has stick-figure bike riders stencilled on it at regular intervals.

I suggest we walk, avoiding green footpaths, to the nearest bar to have cerverzas and tapas and to discuss the issue. We are staying here for a month; we must accommodate these cyclists.

Read the whole story here:,25197,24636510-5002031,00.html

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