Monday, 17 November 2008

Riding to work is ‘wheelie’ fun

The Toowoomba DPI won the 2008 Queensland Ride to Work workplace prize.

Well done DPI, and a challenge to other Toowoomba workplaces for 2009.

Here is the story from the Bike Victoria site:

Toowoomba staff are seeing the benefits of riding their bikes to commute to work. Feeling healthy, saving money and reducing carbon, were just three great reasons to participate.

DPI&F joined in with other departments such as NRW, EPA, Sport and Rec, Health, and Transport.

Twenty-five staff gathered at the Leslie Research Centre to support National Ride to Work Day, with a total of 16 riders registering and making their commute to work as part of their day.

The lunch time event was jointly run by DPI&F’s Bicycle Users Group and Leslie Research Centre Social Club, with Rabobank kindly donating spot prizes. Awards were presented by DPI&F Bicycle User Group’s Shirley Jones, and won by first time rider Donna Hocroft for “Best Effort”, and the “Best Helmet Hair” award was graciously accepted by Douglas Lush who travelled the greatest distance.

It was estimated that over 30,000 riders registered for National ride to Work Day 2008, with over 200 workplaces in Queensland alone. PIB and Leslie Research Centre were joined this year by Hermitage Research Station. Toowoomba’s workplace coordinator Matt Davis said, “We have gained a core set of riders from last year’s event that now regularly ride to work, and we have formed a workplace Bicycle User Group here in Toowoomba. With ongoing support from DPI&F’s Health and Wellness program, we hope to gain more workplaces across the state next year”.

See the previous post for photos of the winners here:

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