Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bike parts for sale

Bicygnals front and rear set of taffic signals.

Please note that at least two BUG members have these same signals and think they are 'a good deal'. It might not be a good idea to rely on these, especially in Toowoomba, but they are a real boon, especially at night. There is nothing as clear as a hand signal, but these can assist in delivering the message.

See the web page here:

As featured on BBC Radio 2 and UK Sunday morning TV show, "Something For The Weekend", Bicygnals indicator lights are the very first and only product of their kind. Offering not only reasonably priced, ultra bright front and rear bicycle lights for night time riding, but ALSO front and rear indicating, wirelessly at the push of a single button at the handlebars.

Designed in London, by Gavin Thompson Design, with modern ergonomic lines, the lights detach easily from their bracket, and clip together for easy storage in their own carry bag. There are no wires. No fuss. Installation takes about 5 minutes, and all the tools and batteries needed to get started come with the box.

Bicygnals indicator lights allow the cyclist to signal turns to oncoming and rear traffic, as well as other cyclists, well in advance of a turn, without either riding dangerously with one arm in busy traffic, or fear of an arm signal being missed in the dark.

Contact: Anne 4690 2636
Reason for sale: I bought myself some indicator lights for my bike – unfortunately they are not suitable for drop handlebar road bikes. They would be perfect for commuter bikes, especially in busy traffic.
Price: $70 or near offer.

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