Monday, 11 February 2008

SEQ Cycle Network Program

So, where does Toowoomba feature in all this improvement?

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Cycle Network Program funds will provide cycling infrastructure for transport and utility trips that connect to major attractors such as schools, universities, shopping complexes and workplaces.

Sixty per cent of program funds will be matched by local governments as capital grants for cycling projects while the remaining 40 per cent will fund cycling works associated with state-owned assets.

Funding is available to 11 local governments in south-east Queensland and to state agencies to develop cycling facilities on state-owned assets. The Cycle Network Program 2007–08 funding is as follows:

  • capital grants—A$14.14 million
  • capital works—A$9.4 million.

Local governments are invited to apply for grants to develop cycling facilities. An application is scored against five equally weighted selection criteria to determine its contribution towards the Queensland Government's objectives and priorities.

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