Thursday, 28 February 2008

BUG meetings

The BUG is meeting on Sunday 2 March at the Dr. Price Rooms in Little Street at 11.00 am.

The meeting is to provide feedback to members and to organise a working party to assist with the 2008 Ride 2 Work day in October this year.

For details of the national R2W 2008 event see here:

Please try to come down and participate.

Also, the TRC candidates have been invited to come to the same meeting place on 9 March at 11.00 am to meet cyclists and explain what they are hoping to do should they be elected to the new regional council.

TRC candidates have until 10 March to get their responses to our 'ten questions' in and these will appear on the blog shortly after for you all to read.

T-BUG has asked the cycle shops and clubs to circulate the 9 March date to their members, so we are hoping for a decent sized roll up.

Please try to come on 9 March, don't forget to bring your bike too.

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