Saturday, 9 February 2008

See what Townsville council spends on cycling

Below is an excerpt from a letter to the James Cook University BUG from Tony Mooney, Mayor. For the full text go here:

Townsville has a growing network of bikeways, bike lanes and pedestrian paths in the city and suburbs and the Council is keen to encourage the community to use them.

Funding has been allocated in the 2007/08 budget for a number of bikeway projects including –

· $627,000 for bike path and pedestrian route improvements around local schools, as part of the School Route Safety Program

· $300,000 for coloured asphalt entry points, intersections, bike lanes and pedestrian crossings near schools, local shops and community hubs

· $715,000 for the Ross River Parkway including –

o $175,000 for the bikeway link behind the Council’s Parks Depot at Cranbrook

o $72,500 for a new link from the Queens Road car park to the river bikeway

o $166,000 for more bikeway links in Annandale

· Over $1 million has been allocated to widen Cape Pallarenda Road

· $82,000 for the next stage of the Mundy Creek bike path

· $50,000 to widen the road and construct bike lanes in Mooney Street

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