Thursday, 13 September 2007

Sunday 16 September 2007

Meeting at the Oxygen Café: 10.15 a.m.

As discussed at the last meeting, people thought it most efficient to meet up after the Toowoomba BUG ride, on Sunday 16 September.

The ride starts at 7.30a.m. on Sunday, starting from Oxygen Café, Little Street, and goes out to the west of Toowoomba (Wellcamp and Showgrounds), and will be about 27km.

It is estimated that the ride should get back to Oxygen Café at around 9.30 am to 10am.

I suggest that a start time of 10.15a.m. for the meeting, but this will depend on the time people arrive back from the ride, getting refreshments etc.

I have not booked the Dr. Price Rooms because we need to fill out forms with three signatures, collect keys etc., for what might be a short meeting. So I suggest just moving over to a corner in Oxygen when people have had their coffees etc .

Main items that need discussing are:

  1. listing contacts to whom we should send material on Ride to Work Day (17 October). I attach a draft list, but we need more names. For my part I am happy to send out notice of Ride to Work to various locations next week – any other assistance greatly appreciated. The more posters etc. out the better.

  1. Any press publicity we should/can be doing about the day at a Toowoomba level. The ABC is an official sponsor nationally. Actions at Uni and Tor Street DPI/DNR offer possibilities for prompting other people to action.

  1. Update on local Toowoomba blog site for Ride to Work etc, from Hugh.

Will try to send a set of brief notes for last meeting tomorrow. My apologies for not being at the meeting, will be away on the weekend.



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