Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Sharing our roads: the Amy Gillett Foundation

Read more about road safety from the web pages of the Amy Gillett Foundation.
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"Learner drivers now have plenty of reasons to study for their driver’s licence thanks to a ground-breaking initiative that aims to both educate and motivate with a substantial prize pool. Developed by the Amy Gillett Foundation, with the support of the Australia Driver Trainers’ Association and State and Territory licensing authorities, Road-Right is the first program of its kind designed to heighten learner driver awareness of people cycling on Australian roads"... read more here: http://www.amygillett.org.au/news-21-08-07.html

View the Amy Gillett Foundation TV advertisement here: http://www.amygillett.org.au/flash/agf-tvc.swf

Amy Gillett Scholarships: http://www.amygillett.org.au/scholarships.html

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