Sunday, 30 September 2007

Magpie swooping information

This young man (right) has fitted his helmet with cable-ties in an effort to dissuade magpie attacks.

He suffered two before our camera snapped him.

One on East Creek cycle path near Herries Street and one in Queens Park not far from where this photo was taken.

So, the cable-tie solution hasn't worked for him.

What does work then?

Below are a few urls that cast some light on the life of the magpie and their habit of attacking some, but not all, cyclists and pedestrians who pass through magpie protected territory.

It seems a large flag pole and an orange flag help, as does walking rather than cycling through the contested area.

And the correct collective noun for a 'mob of maggies'?

A tiding of magpies.

Not 'good tiding' for some folk though.

Any tips appreciated and will be posted here.

ABC 'Mapies behaving badly':

NSW National Parks:

Flinders University magpie injury information:

Bicycle Queensland article:

Bird Observation and Conservation Australia:

An illustrated tale 'Magpie Attack:

1 comment:

  1. What works for magpies?
    A tennis racquet.

    Sure - not nice to the magpie, but if used 'right' will just deflect them without too much injury.

    Magpies should not be killed or "moved on" while feral people are still allowed to roam free in Toowoomba making life difficult for everyone.